Kelsey Rauber is a New York-based screenwriter/producer. She won first place in the New York City Screenwriting Festival, Comedy division, of 2012 for her feature screenplay "About a Donkey" as well as making semi finals in the 2013 LA Shorts Comedy Screenplay Competition for the same script.

Kelsey and her partner Christina Raia created the hit web series "Kelsey". It became a critical and viral success leading to a successful crowd funding campaign, where they raised 120% of their original goal. 


As of 2015 Kelsey is co-owner of CongestedCat Productions, which was created by Christina Raia and Chris Carroll. 

Under the CongestedCat umbrella they went on to produce the two award-winning shorts "We Had Plans" and "Not Our Livingroom".

In 2015 Kelsey and Christina collaborated on their latest project "Two Gays and a Girl" which is currently in festival rounds.

Kelsey and Christina are also currently in post-production for the feature "About a Donkey" which they plan on producing together.